October 19, 2011

Facts about San Francisco from the Mayoral debate today

  • The city spends $13.5 million a year on “the top 225 street drunks” (yes, that was how it was phrased).
  • SF has nearly 27,000 public employees per 800,000 residents. That is 1 employee per 29 residents. Including part time, there are 32,600 employees.
  • SF has 1500 taxis, primarily to serve the airport, making it very difficult to get taxis in certain neighborhoods. Washington DC, with fewer residents, has 6000 taxis, to say nothing on NYC.
  • New York and LA have ~30% of households with children. SF has ~18%. Middle class families have abandoned San Francisco.
  • SF is planning two rapid transit trains, one down Geary and one down Van Ness. They intend to close one lane of traffic.
  • Multiple candidates expressed support for a plan to close Market Street to cars from City Hall to the Ferry Building and make MUNI free on Market, 
  • The city has 6 IT departments, uses Lotus Notes, 7 email systems, and 26 data centers. Candidate Joanna Rees supports a switch for everyone to Google Apps.
  • MUNI drivers don’t show up for 1 out of 8 shifts. Wow.

Candidates that impressed: Rees, Herrera, and Chu.